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Hii :D I'm Inês. I'm from Portugal :) I'm 18 :D
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Dance is my passion and music is my life ^.^
And I absolutely love photography :)
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Slipknot is not the Devil, Kiss isn’t either. Restart are not fags just because of the clothes they wear. The Nirvana also did not live just by using drugs. Coldplay is rock, no matter how slight. Justin Bieber might have a voice that will not please everyone, but admit that if he had no talent or charisma at least, he would not be where he is. No one has proven that MichaelJackson was a pedophile. Amy Winehouse wasn’t only a drunk drugged, she had a great talent. Marilyn Monroe had feelings and had a poor childhood. Britney may not be the best singer in the world, but she’s the princess of pop, period. Axl Rose was not gay because of wearing tight shorts and roll like a girl. And Cherie Currie was not a bitch because she presented herself in panties and corset. No one pleases everyone. But all have a duty of mutual respect. Thank you.

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Rock ‘n’ roll Baby


Rock ‘n’ roll Baby

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